A short introduction

I’ve been visualizing, illustrating, designing, concepting for agencies, production companies, entrepreneurs and brands, since the age of twenty-two (2008). My goal was to master multiple disciplines. Why? Curiosity.  I’ve worked for Heineken, MasterCard, Opel, Mentos, Philips, Kruidvat, KLM, and more. I’m currently available as a Freelance Art Director.

Other activities

Next to my freelance jobs I’m starting a creative production agency, which will be launched in July 2020. The projects are getting bigger, so that means a larger talented team to answer the demand. I’m also testing an app called ‘After’ and directing / visualizing an animation short about planet Mars. Doing multiple work can be a bumpy road, but always results in ‘creative happiness’.


To get in touch please contact me at info@benjaminslagt.nl