For ten years I’ve been Illustrating, Visualizing, Designing and working as a Creative. I’ve been jumping from one profession to the other, either because I’m keen with a lot or people said I had to choose one. Obviously our society tells us; one must choose a profession. As for me, it evolved to a different approach and discovered my entrepreneurial spirit. Currently I’m starting a Collective called LA’DAM with like-minded Creatives / Artists from Los Angeles and Amsterdam. I’m also starting an app that will help people to be more active. And obviously Illustrate and Design. Creativity will always be my core, which helps me to create possibilities, push boundaries and connect with people. I thank you for your time. For more questions:


I’ve been working for brands like: Heineken – Pepsi – Nike Inc – Heinz – EA sports – Opel – BMW – Philips – Kit Kat – Chocomel – Dos Equis – Dr Pepper – Deperados – Post NL – Ziggo – KPMG – Becel – SamSung – Albert Heijn – PayPal – Honig – Unilever and more